Waypoint variances still unresolved, after hearing

BRIELLE — After another five hours of testimony from both a professional engineer, and a professional planner on Tuesday night, there is still no decision from the Zoning Board of Adjustment on variances sought by Waypoint 622. As a result, another special meeting has been scheduled to discuss the matter on Aug. 15. Tuesday night, the board heard from Timothy P. Lurie, an engineer with DW Smith Associates, and Richard Kenderian, a planner with Maser Consulting Tuesday night. Addressing one point of contention, Mr. Lurie told the board that in his professional opinion the restaurant’s “elevated patio was built within the same footprint” of the one that previously existed at Union Landing because it lays within the area of the original concrete slab that was there. Mr. Kenderian said that by using Hoffman’s Marina, also owned by Waypoint owner Larry Grafas, an additional “50 to 90 parking spaces” would be available to Waypoint patrons. Mr. Middleton raised concerns regarding the movements of boats off of racks and in and out of the water at the marina while people used it as a parking lot. “I’m concerned about the safety of people walking from and even more so back to their cars if they’re in that gravel lot coming from Waypoint,” said Mr. Condon. At the Aug. 15 meeting more testimony from professionals presented by Waypoint is expected.

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