Permits eyed for group use of parks and beaches

BRICK TOWNSHIP — The township council will hold a public hearing at the Aug. 8 meeting on an amendment to an ordinance that would require large groups to apply for permits to use township parks and beaches. The ordinance, introduced at the council’s July 25 meeting, defines a large group as a group of more than 15 people and requires such groups to obtain permits to use Windward Beach Park, Brick Beach I though III or Trader’s Cove Marina. Currently, the township ordinance prohibits groups of 15 or more from being dropped off by passenger van or bus at the parks or beach. “However, these groups are avoiding that by dropping people off several blocks away and having them walk to the park/beach,” said Township Administrator Joanne Bergin. “This ordinance amendment prohibits groups of 15 without a permit and further defines what the township considers a group. This way, the method of transportation is not the violation; the simple act of a large group taking over any one of our parks without a permit is the violation.” According to Ms. Bergin, the township has had issues with groups as large as 100 individuals arriving at parks and/or beaches. If approved, the ordinance would be enforced by the township’s park security detail, which is comprised of part-time employees who oversee parks in the off-hours between 4 and 11 p.m, Ms. Bergin said.

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