What started as a way to make money as a teen, then transformed into a part-time gig to enjoy with friends, ultimately evolved into a full-time career for Stefano Gaetano. STARTING OUT
Known popularly as DJ Funsize, Gaetano first dipped his toes into the dee- jay world during high school. “I started with my cousin, he used to do weddings and sweet sixteens and all that private stuff,” he explained. “So he used to tag me along with him and I’d make a couple bucks when I was little,”said Gaetano. “I just started steamrolling and in college, I started doing bars and nightclubs and then that was it.” Fast forward to a summer house on the beach with friends, which is ultimately how Gaetano began deejaying all over the Jersey Shore. “I just started deejaying off the porch at 1100 and then at one of those parties Tommy J was there, Sueta was there and I was deejaying off that porch and they picked me up deejaying and that’s how I started doing the whole Belmar, Jersey Shore circuit,” said Gaetano with a smile. CATCH HIM IN ACTION
Gaetano will spend the rest of the summer all over the shore so there will be plenty of opportunities to hear his mixes. “I’m at Bar A, I’m at Porta, Headliner, Joe’s Saloon,” shared Gaetano. “I’m doing all the preshows at PNC with Live Nation, House of Independents, a little bit of everywhere.” SPINNING SINGLES
In December 2016, Gaetano released his first single, “Tonight.” This month was the debut of another single, “Day Dreaming.” “Both singles broke the Top 5 of Spinnin’ Records chart,” said Gaetano. He explained that Spinnin’ Records is comparable to the Billboard for electronic music. Gaetano is excited for his third single to hit the charts in the fall. Different than his other singles, this one will be a country remix. JOY ON THE JOB
Watching Gaetano in action, it is evident that for him deejaying isn’t simply a job, but a passion. As much joy as he gets from deejaying himself, Gaetano also takes great joy in the experience his fans get while listening to his tracks. Gaetano credits catching the ener- gy as his favorite part of deejaying. “There’s no better high than watching people dance,” he said. “It’s like being a puppeteer and you’re in control of hundreds of thousands of people and you literally can slow them down or make them go faster, all to what you want to do. “Feeling their energy of hands in the air or the surprise factor when they’re like, ‘Oh, I haven’t heard this song in forever,’ that always puts a big smile on your face,” shared Gaetano.