‘Pirates on the Manasquan’ crew rescues two teens


BRICK TOWNSHIP — Crew members of the “Pirates on the Manasquan” excursion boat rescued two teens from the water near the Route 70 bridge late Thursday, according to its captain, Mike Migliorisi, and an eyewitness.

Gregg Ritchings of Brick Township said he decided to walk down to the pirate boat to watch fireworks on Thursday. While by the dock, Ritchings said he saw a group of teens swimming from another dock toward the Route 70 bridge when two of the youths were swept away by the current.

Mr. Ritchings said he was about to jump in and called out to the pirate boat, which was being prepared to leave on a 2 p.m. excursion with a group from the Ocean Township Recreation Department. Mr. Migliorisi, and crew members heard Ritchings and immediately threw a life ring 35 yards toward a girl who kept bobbing below the surface of the water, Mr. Ritchings said. Mr. Migliorisi then used his jet ski to rescue the girl and bring her to the dock.

“They [Pirates on the Manasquan] were so calm it was like being in the military,” Mr. Ritchings said. “They were perfect, just perfect.”

Crew members then rescued a boy who was in the water, using the same method. After rescuing him, they pulled a man from the water who had been attempting to save the two teens but was caught in the current. Mr. Migliorisi said the man was exhausted and vomiting river water after being pulled from the water.

“It is such an extreme low tide and such an extreme high tide, so when the tide comes in, it rushes in,” Migliorisi said. He credited fellow Pirates boat captain Paul O’Neill with making the well-placed throw of the life ring. Both men are former lifeguards and have taken U.S. Coast Guard rescue training, including “man overboard” drills.

In those simulations, he said, the “victim” is usually five or ten feet away.

“You just have to maneuver the boat and pull them back in, not 35 yards away, [or] someone who isn’t even aware of what you are doing,” Mr. Migliorisi said. “When I tell you Paul threw the ring buoy as a perfect strike ‚— he was within an arm or two length away from the girl — it was a good throw.”

Ritchings said the group of teens, including the two who had been rescued, left the dock immediately after the incident.

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Connor Northrup

Connor Northrup is a Sports Reporter at The Ocean Star. He can be reached at cnorthrup@thecoaststar.com or at 732-899-7606, ext 15.