Guest Star: Angela Previte, a JSAC volunteer

Angela Previte and Birdie, a rescue dog. RYAN WELSH/THE OCEAN STAR
Angela Previte volunteers as a dog walker at the Jersey Shore Animal Center [JSAC] in Brick. Q. What is your role at the JSAC and how long have you been volunteering? A. I began volunteering at JSAC in August 2009. I walk the dogs, socialize them and do my best to make them happy. I am generally at the shelter three afternoons per week. I am also the shelter photographer. I photograph the dogs and the cats so the staff can post their beautiful faces and history on PetFinder. My joy! Q. What initially inspired you to volunteer? A. I was always afraid to walk into an animal shelter because I expected to see very sad situations. I forced myself to stop into JSAC eight years ago and was very impressed. The animals looked very healthy and the environment was extremely clean. My love for animals, especially dogs, inspired me to volunteer for JSAC. Q. What is the most rewarding aspect of your volunteer work? A. The most rewarding aspect is to watch the dogs adjust to the routines and people at the shelter until the day I see them “going home” with their new families. You would never know from their behavior what some of them have been through before that moment. I see their tails wagging as they walk out the door with such trust and hope. Q. What is the most challenging aspect of your job? A. The most challenging aspect is deciding which dog to take out first when I arrive. When the dogs see the volunteers come in they all start barking at once, “take me, take me, take me.” Q. What is one thing most people would not realize about volunteering for JSAC? A. Over the past eight years I have made many friends. All of the volunteers and staff at JSAC have one goal in mind – love the animals while they are here and give them the best care to keep them safe and comfortable until they find their forever homes. I have learned a lot about animal behavior during my time as a volunteer at JSAC and I am inspired by the dedication of other volunteers and staff. The entire experience continues to warm my heart.