No diving from bridges, please, warn Squan police

Diving into Watson Creek from this bridge can get you a summons in Manasquan. GEORGE WOOLSTON / THE COAST STAR
MANASQUAN — The Manasquan Police Department is warning borough youths that diving from local bridges is dangerous as well as unlawful. Councilman and public safety committee chair Gregg Olivera made the announcement at the borough council meeting on Monday, July 17. According to Mr. Olivera, young people have been seeking a thrill by jumping into Watson Creek from the East Main Street and Ocean Avenue bridges. “The police department is warning juveniles of jumping off Ocean Avenue and East Main Street bridges,” said Mr. Olivera. “I have done my part, when walking up to the beach a couple of weeks ago I called in to the police department and said ‘They’re getting ready [to jump]. “This activity is prohibited by the town, it’s dangerous for the jumpers, boaters and jet skiers. “The more paddleboarders we have coming under the bridge, these kids aren’t looking from the other side to see if paddleboarders are coming back to paddle out.” Mr. Olivera said, “And they’re jumping, and they could potentially land on someone and cause serious injury,” said Mr. Olivera. According to Manasquan Police Chief Michael Bauer, if the person jumping is over 18, they can be issued a borough ordinance violation for nuisance. However, Chief Bauer said, if the are under 18, the police have been calling the children’s parents or writing them a warning.

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