Borough police remind pedestrians to use crosswalks

Be Street Smart NJ poster on Main Street. FILE PHOTO/THE COAST STAR

MANASQUAN — For the second summer in a row, the Manasquan Police Department is partnering with the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority [NJTPA] to make the borough’s streets safer.

Throughout July, signs from the NJTPA’s Street Smart NJ campaign encouraging pedestrians to use crosswalks will be posted along Main Street.

According to its website, the Street Smart NJ campaign is “a public education campaign coordinated by the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority – aimed to raise awareness of pedestrian and motorist laws and change the behaviors that lead to pedestrian and cyclist crashes and fatalities.”

Manasquan Police Chief Michael Bauer said that the campaign serves as a good reminder to try and get vehicles to slow down and to get the pedestrians to use the crosswalks

“I think it’s just a good reminder with with the signs around …  to use the crosswalks for safety,” the chief said.

According to Chief Bauer, one area where the police department hopes pedestrians will be safer is the intersection of Route 71 and Main Street.

“[Pedestrians should wait] for the green light to cross Route 71 at Main Street. With the green arrows, it gets a little confusing and sometimes we have people crossing the street when they don’t have the right to do so while [drivers] are making a left turn so it creates a little bit of a hazardous condition,” said the chief.

Chief Bauer said in addition to the Street Smart NJ posters along Main Street, some Main Street businesses also have them hanging in their windows and the police department also has two tip cards it hands out to pedestrians as well.

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