A Boro woman’s discovery of self and family


POINT PLEASANT – For most of her life, Point Pleasant resident Sandra Hazelet struggled to find the answer to a question burning deep inside her: Where did she come from?

Recently, through Ancestry.com, she discovered the answer to that question came with an extended family, including a half-brother, she never knew anything about.

“I never knew anything about my father so I thought it would be nice … because I didn’t look like anybody I knew,” Mrs. Hazelet said in a recent interview.

“I went to Ancestry and did my DNA [test] and when I got the results back it was a great surprise.”

The information led Mrs. Hazelet to Louis Lombardi, her half-brother, and an extended family, she is quickly getting to know.

“He never knew about me either [and] we actually just met for the first time and it was wonderful.”

For Mrs. Hazelet, searching via Ancestry.com was about learning more about who she is, something she has wanted to know her entire life.

“I never had a father figure in my life,” she said.

“I was mainly raised by my grandparents. My mother really went to work and that was it.”

According to Mrs. Hazelet, finding anything out about her father has been a hard puzzle to put together until now.

“For my mother it was always ‘Don’t tell anyone,’ and I didn’t want to hurt my mother,” she said.

“Even though I had a million questions I knew there was a reason she didn’t tell me.”

Though Mrs. Hazelet lost her mother earlier this year, family she never knew about was just a phone call away, closer than she originally realized.

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