Waypoint 622 staves off 1978 restrictions with ABC appeal

Waypoint 622 in Brielle. RYAN WELSH / THE COAST STAR

BRIELLE — An appeal to the New Jersey State Division of Alcohol Beverage Control [ABC] has enabled Waypoint 622 to delay imposition of 1978 operating restrictions resurrected by a resident’s legal challenge. As a result, the restaurant was open for lunch on Friday.

A petition filed with the ABC on July 6 appealed the borough’s June 27 imposition of the restrictions, which limited the bar and restaurant’s hours of operation to 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., and sought a stay pending the state agency’s decision.

Contacted Friday for comment on the ABC proceeding, Waypoint’s attorney, John J. Jackson, confirmed the appeal and said that the agency had stayed imposition of the 1978 restrictions during a conference call earlier in the day.

“Thus, we are allowed to be open during our regular hours, which are 11 a.m. up to 2 a.m.,” Mr. Jackson said.

The stay also applies to a capacity limit of 72 persons, which was also among the conditions attached to the liquor license acquired by Waypoint 622 in 2015, along with the restaurant, which had been operating as Union Landing.

Imposition of the 1978 restrictions were sought by Brielle resident Tom Sturhmann, whose attorney, Tim Middleton, recovered the 1978 planning board resolution and presented it to the current planning board. The board then reimposed the restrictions but also set a 7 p.m. July 11 hearing at which they could still be lifted or amended.

Borough Councilman Cort Gorham, who had confirmed imposition of the 1978 restrictions by the borough earlier this week, declined to comment Friday on the ABC’s action.

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