Trump weighs in on Wall HS yearbook controversy


WALL TOWNSHIP —  The removal of references to Donald Trump from the Wall High School yearbook has elicited a response from the President of the United States himself.

President Donald Trump posted on Facebook on Monday afternoon writing, “Thank you Wyatt and Montana — two young Americans who aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Our movement to #MAGA is working because of great people like you!”

The presidential post came after a Trump logo was cropped out of the yearbook photo of Wyatt Dobrovich-Fago and a Trump quotation was omitted from the caption for Wyatt’s younger sister, Montana, the freshman class president.

Social media platforms began buzzing with political bias allegations after it was reported that “TRUMP Make America Great Again” had been blacked out of yearbook photo of another student, Grant Berardo.

The resulting controversy has prompted the school district to announce that the yearbook will be reprinted, Trump references and all, with the $10,000 cost covered by private donations. One of the donors is Joseph Berardo, Grant’s father, according to Schools Superintendent Cheryl Dyer.

Wyatt and Montana have also received boxes filled with campaign merchandise and a letter from President Trump’s Executive Director, Michael Glassner, dated June 14, 2017.

“It is more important than ever that we, as Americans, stand up for our beliefs and hopes for a better country,” Mr. Glassner’s letter reads. “And, as you know, it takes courage to do so. But, the freedom of expression should never go out of style — let’s not forget that!”

Wyatt also took to the podium at Tuesday’s Wall Township Board of Education meeting, clad in a white, long-sleeved “Trump Pence” shirt, informing the board of the letter he had received and calling again for an independent investigation of the yearbook editing process.

Mrs. Dyer said Wednesday that there are no plans for such a probe.

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  • Mike Elward

    you’re at the wrong body- bring it to the Board of Ed

  • Mike Elward

    someone explain to him the town doesn’t run the school

  • 89Knights

    Them not telling us how they’re being paid for means the taxpayers are footing the bill. Obviously they’re not going to make the tenured teacher who did this cover the bill….she’s on paid leave.