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‘Stop The Lot!’ protests potential parking lot

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Plans uncovered to level Green Ave. house for commercial parking

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By Patrick Farrell

BRIELLE — Plans to level a Victorian house in a residential neighborhood and replace it with a parking lot have led one resident in town to take action.

The initiative known as “Stop The Lot!” was recently started by Jay Madison, in response to a recently announced plan to demolish the house currently standing at 623 Green Ave. in order to construct a commercial parking lot.

Mr. Madison, who has been putting up signs around town to protest the plans, said he is worried the parking lot will be detrimental to the neighborhood’s character.

“I live across the street, and I come down here to get away from the craziness,” Mr. Madison, a part-time resident, said.

“I did this simply because I didn’t see anyone else doing anything,” he said. “When people don’t react, things get passed through.”

The initiative was started when rumors started circulating around town, he said.

Two days after he put signs up around town, Mr. Madison’s website had garnered over 2,000 unique views.

He said he has received “a lot of good reaction” from the community, and that more people want to get involved.

“We’ve been getting emails from a lot of people thanking us,” he said.

Aside from being an eyesore, Mr. Madison said constructing a parking lot on Green Avenue may introduce safety implications, as well.

“It’s not like we have a need for it, it’s not going to benefit the community, and if anything, it’s going to make it more congested,” Mr. Madison said.

“The street that cars would probably be coming down on is Homestead [Road], and I believe, by code, it’s too narrow to begin with,” he said, adding that “a lot of young kids and older people” already have to deal with parked cars when walking the street.

“Between that, and the noise, it’s not going to be a pleasant place to live anymore,” Mr. Madison said.

On Wednesday, the borough confirmed receiving an application to rezone the lot at 623 Green Ave. from residential to a commercial parking lot on at the end of the business day on Tuesday, Aug 26.

Planning Board and Board of Adjustment Secretary Karen Brisben confirmed the application involved the construction of a commercial parking lot. Further details are yet to be released.

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I don't want this in our neighborhood. ....it's already too congested as it is!!! This is a safety issue... everyone needs to get involved before our town is ruined..

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This corner us already too busy. The surrounding neighborhood already is affected by businesses on the river. The bigger story here is the fact that there are plans to build a catering facility/restaurant on the site of Union Landing across the street. Brielle residents need to get involved! We don't need this type of development in this location. Attend the upcoming Town Council meeting on 09/09 and Planning/Zoning meeting Tuesday,both at 07:30 pm.

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Paved paradise, put up a parking lot

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