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Mayor, GO Bay Head! continue summer of events

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Includes fitness class for seniors

Mayor Bill Curtis is continuing his GO Bay Head! Mayor’s Wellness Campaign, which still has a full two months of events planned for local residents to encourage a healthy, active and involved lifestyle.

GO Bay Head! is a town-wide, volunteer initiative led by Mayor Curtis to promote active living and healthy eating in Bay Head.

“We are supporting or sponsoring 15 different wellness events in Bay Head this summer,” Char Charlton, co-chair of the GO Bay Head! campaign, said. “These events include several very popular activities that we have supported in the past, including our weekly walk with the mayor, plus our town dodgeball tournament in the fall. We have also added several new programs that we are excited about.”

Many of the new programs this summer have been aimed at the seniors of Bay Head.

“We looked at the 2010 U.S. census numbers and realized that over 34 percent of the permanent residents in Bay Head are 65 or older,” Mayor Curtis said. “With this demographic, and given the ongoing stress due to Superstorm Sandy, we thought it was appropriate to establish new programs that would focus on our seniors and help them move forward. The GO Bay Head! group went to work on the problem and have added two new programs to their growing itinerary of wellness events.”

“Young at Heart” classes will be held at the Bay Head Fire House, located at 81 Bridge Ave., each Tuesday at 11 a.m. continuing through Tuesday, July 29.

Rodger Faulkenbury, owner of Therapeutic Fitness of Point Pleasant, and a certified American Council on Exercise [ACE] personal trainer, described the new “Young at Heart” fitness program as a great training program for seniors.

“‘Young at Heart’ is a fitness class for seniors designed to benefit heart function, build muscle strength, and improve flexibility and balance,” he said. “The classes are for people of all fitness levels and will be held in a non-threatening, encouraging and fun environment. Our objective is to help seniors remain active and to enjoy walking, swimming, and other light aerobic activities without potential harm to themselves.”

Other events planned for the summer include the new “Adventures in Cooking” class for adults, which will be given on Monday, July 14, and again on Monday, Aug. 18. The location is still to be determined.

The Bay Head Summer Tennis Camp, sponsored by the Bay Head Home and School Association, will begin on Monday, July 14.

The Senior Health Fair will be held at the Bay Head Fire Station on Friday, Oct 3.

Sign ups and additional information on these programs will be available on the Bay Head town website at

The complete calendar of all GO Bay Head! 2014 events is available online at

Several locations, still to be determined, will be updated on the GO Bay Head! website.

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