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Food fight!

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By Haley Behre

WALL TOWNSHIP — Wall High School students recreated a scene from a lot of movies and television shows on Friday when they started a food fight in the cafeteria.

A really, really big food fight.

The food fight broke out around 10:30 a.m. on Friday, said Sgt. William Bono, of the Wall Police Department.

According to the sergeant, Wall High School requested assistance from police, so the department sent four officers to the school. By the time the officers arrived, however, the cafeteria had cleared out and the ruckus was over, he said.

It appears the students may be getting antsy since the school year was extended due to Hurricane Sandy, Sgt, Bono said.

The high school will hold exams up to and including June 25 and the seniors will graduate on June 27.

The four police officers stayed at the school for the remainder of the day, monitoring the hallways as the students changed classes and as they left school for the day, Sgt. Bono said.

Cindy McChesney, Wall High School secretary to Principal Rosaleen Sirchio, said Ms. Sirchio was unavailable for comment and would not be available until Monday.

Numerous cell phone videos of the food fight have been posted online. One video shows a table being flipped over during the incident.

To view a video of the food fight, go to or download the vine app on a smartphone and search for wallhighschool.

In an unrelated incident, a police officer was dispatched to the high school earlier on Friday because a high school student said he would “blow up the school if he failed” a certain class, Sgt. Bono said.

According to the sergeant, a student had asked if he was going to fail an exam, and he was informed if he did, he would fail the class. Upon hearing that, the student made the threat.

Sgt. Bono said the threat was not credible and no further police action will be taken, but due to protocol, the school has to notify the police department and the student’s parents of such incidents.

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