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Star News Group offers these Reader Blogs as a forum for readers to interact and share ideas.


Can Ya Help Kenya

The Sherlock Family

On the surface, the Sherlocks of Point Pleasant Beach seem to be just like any other family—Jimmy Sherlock can often be seen running various errands around town, while his wife, Patty, picks up their two youngest sons, Jimmy Jr., 11, and Jason, 10—from G. Harold Antrim Elementary School.

But on Oct. 12, the Sherlocks embarked on a rather extraordinary family adventure—a mission trip to Africa, where the Sherlocks and a team of volunteers will deliver meals, school supplies, clothing and a variety of other donated goods to needy families in and around Nairobi, Kenya.

During the family’s one-month stay in Africa, the Sherlocks and their team will document their experiences with photos, videos and blog entries.

Local Food Connections

Mike DeCastro

I have been food-obsessed my entire life. Whether it’s quality low-end or a more upscale experience, I obsessively, thoroughly, delight in cuisine. I also have an emotional/spiritual appreciation for connectivity; that moment when the Light within you, connects with the Light within someone else. Those two elements are what this blog is about. While eating my way through the diverse cuisine of the Star News Group readership area, I hope to chronicle the trip in a way that is fun and inclusive.

About Me: Mike DeCastro
Once-upon-a-time ago, and in what seems another lifetime, my career was in law enforcement... until my son was born, and then the whole world changed. I became a stay-at-home-dad, and in a humble, true, sublime way, my kids helped me to grow up. Presently I write an article for HQ Magazine (a small NJ-based ad mag). The article is about food, spirits, and life. I am filled with gratitude for my “Broken Road.”

The Traveling Momma: ‘09 Summer Road Trip

Maribeth Pelly

I'm a corporate drop out, self employed, mother of three and wife, looking for the unobtainable “balance” in life. At some point, I declared this summer the “season of opportunity.” I love my beach town, but something was calling me to travel this summer. Actually, it was a casual, passing comment from my good friend that wouldn’t rest. It was something along the lines of, “wouldn't it be great if we could take a road trip together?”

This blog is about the experiences found while traveling with five kids and my longtime friend. I hope you follow our blog about our summer adventure and somewhere along the journey, we can meet up and share some laughs! Share your comments anytime.

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